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  Frequently Asked Questions  "Consistency Race"

1)       What is a consistency race?

         Each truck runs twice.  The object is to duplicate your time as close as possible. The truck that is closest in duplicating times wins.

2)       Why a consistency race?

         This is to give every driver an equal chance of winning.

3)       How many trucks do you expect?

         We are hoping for 50.

4)       What is the purse?

         (Based on 50 trucks)           1st - $1,500            2nd - $500               3rd - $225

5)       What if more/less trucks show up?

         If more than 50 trucks payout increases, if less than 50 payout decreases.

6)       Is mud pit being converted to fast track?

         Yes, pit will be reworked so hopefully no one gets stuck.

7)       What order do trucks run?

         Trucks will be run in classes starting with unlimited, over 38”, under 38”, and street class. 

8)       Do trucks run both times back to back?

         No, every truck will run once then we repeat running order for second run.

9)       How much does it cost to race?

         $40 (Non-refundable)

10)   Can the same truck and driver enter more than once?


11)   Can the same truck run more than once with a different driver?

  •  Yes

12)   If I break down or get stuck can I still win?


13)   Bonus Money

         Drivers have the option of paying an extra $20 each for a Race within a Race and or Race within a Class.

         The Race within a Race is consistency just like overall race.  (Not Fastest)

         For example, if driver  with most consistent time overall does not participate in Bonus Money, the Bonus Money is awarded to participating driver with most consistent time regardless of overall finish.

         The Race within a Class is like Race within a Race except it is only within one of the four classes.

         For example, a participating driver can win in his/her class without winning anything in overall race.

         100 % Payout is awarded to drivers participating in Race within a Class & Race within a Race.

-          1st Place – 50% of Bonus Money

-          2nd Place – 30% of Bonus Money

-          3rd Place – 20 % of Bonus Money



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